In Houkokuji


    There is a place indispensable for sightseeing in Kamakura. Bamboo is also one of the images of Japan. 
    There is a bamboo forest, there is a temple. It is a temple called Jikokuji. 
    The bamboo grove of the Republic Temple is beautiful and sighs out. 
    Its beauty is "Michelin · Green Guide · Japan" 
    It is famous for taking three stars. 
    In the rebukuji temple where bamboo grove is famous as it is named "Takeji" 
    There is a place to drink and breathe a matcha while watching the beautiful bamboo grove. 
    Besides bamboo grove, there is also a place where there is a beautiful garden of "Rakuzan waters" in the Republic Temple. 
    The beautiful garden of Japan's representative "Katsuyama" is also amazing. 
    After watching, we can enjoy Kamakura sightseeing which we would like to go elsewhere. 
    By the way, there is a restaurant called "stone kiln garden terrace" at a distance of 7 minutes on foot 

    You can also look at the English garden while eating delicious pizza 
    I'm looking forward to it. 
    In addition, if you want to eat buckwheat, at a distance you can walk, 
    There is also a delicious buckwheat store hand-crafted as "Chiharuan". 
    The admission fee for the rebukuji temple is 200 yen. But if you pay 500 yen 
    You can also take a rest by drinking Matcha. That way is better. 
    If you go with a camper, it will be at a distance of about 40 minutes from Rinkokuji 
    There is a campground "Nagai Seaside Park Soleil Hill". 
    There are areas where you can touch animals, areas where you can enjoy go-karts and archery 
    You can enjoy it with your family and friends. 
    If you enjoy Kamakura, I recommend you to go near the Treasury Temple first. 


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