Winter camper

    It was a departure while the typhoon was concerned,
    I was relieved that I returned on the occasion without major damage.

    I was concerned about the cold inside of the car at bedtime,
    "It was very warm and comfortable with FF heater!"
    And voice of. It was good 笑顔

    The image of the summer is strong on the camper.
    Camp = Barbecue = summer
    What is it?

    But, as a matter of fact,
    Winter is more comfortable inside the car camper.

    Although it is equipped with a window air conditioner,
    This can not be used unless an external power supply is connected.

    But even though the FF heater has stopped the engine
    You can warm the interior of the car.

    The FF heater runs with a little fuel and a sub battery.
    Even if you turn off the engine and leave it running all night
    The fuel is very eco-friendly which reduces only 1 to 2 liters.

    Since we take in air from the outside of the car and emit the exhaust gas outside the car,
    Exhaust gas does not enter the car.

    Because the engine is stopped, with engine sound and exhaust gas
    There is no trouble around.

    Only good things!

    So I'm worried about sub-battery rise,
    For RENTACAN camper all,
    A solar panel is installed.
    In addition, it is possible to run charging and directly charge from an external power supply.
    There is not much worry about battery rise, you can use with confidence.
    (If you continue to use electricity for 2 to 3 days, please connect external power supply.)

    I understood the comfort of the winter camper,
    But after all, the winter barbecue is cold so it's a bit. .
    There are also people saying that.

    It can not be helped cold!
    How to enjoy it! is.

    Let's raise our feelings at the very least 上げ上げ

    There is a lot of rental of outdoor equipment at RENTACAN.
    The one I'd recommend in that,
    <Snow peak >
    Jikaro Firering Table.Bonfire Base!

    Of course it looks cool, of course,
    One glass of fire surrounding the barbecue bonfire is exceptional!

    Besides taking warm, the light of a bonfire is brighter than I expected,
    Also unlike artificial lights, you can relax very much.

    I want to talk with my family and my colleagues surrounding a bonfire in nature.

    RENTACAN NARITA  International Airport

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